We are a tech company that creates unique products that solve specific problems using various tools and technologies. There is rapid advancement in technology in the areas of IoT, AI and Big Data all of which are heavily dependent on cloud infrastructure and services. These new technologies are changing the way businesses operate. Most organisations want their applications and services to be delivered at a high velocity; these applications and services are evolving and need to be improved as user needs and requirements change. We provide the needed expertise to meet customer needs for various cloud service solutions. Our role as partners with cloud service providers requires us to understand customer requirements, recommend services that meet their needs, deploy and integrate solutions, as well as simplifying the billing and management of multiple cloud services. In addition to this we will provide other services not limited to Consulting, Application Development, DevOps, IT Training, System Integration etc.


To provide unique and efficient technology solutions to address various challenges in Africa while adapting to changes and maintaining a lasting relationship with our clients.


To provide home grown technology solutions for home grown problems.


We have a team with almost 80 years of combined experience and harmed with the required skills to deliver innovative and tailor made solutions to our clients.

We are technology partners with AWS and Microsoft.


Cloud computing has grown considerable over the years and is changing how business operate. We are ready to provide your business the required support and skills to take you on your cloud journey. We help businesses to get a clear understanding of the risks and benefits of moving to the cloud over traditional computing solutions.


Technology is changing at the fast pace and so is the way we work. At myCloudPanther we use Scrum and other agile methodologies. This allows us to continuously improve, rapidly respond to change, and deliver early.